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Chatterbox Club Reception - Rochester, NY

Updated: Dec 30, 2022


St Paul's Episcopal Church

Eleanor and Chris have been trying to celebrate their wedding for two years. They connected with us in 2020 BC (before COVID) and despite all the chaos, have been a wonderful couple through and through. Even though they eloped in 2020 after they postponed their wedding, the pure joy felt on this day was well worth the wait.

Something that was ever so apparent from their engagement session over 2 years ago was how goofy and lighthearted Eleanor and Chris are. It's the constant goofing around and laughing that quickly lights up a room. I swear, their baby is going to come out laughing and smiling by the shear amount of happiness that pours from the hearts of these two!

We're a pretty goofy couple too so it's much appreciated when we cross paths with a couple like this! Life is too short to be serious all the time. Lighten up!

This was the same day as some big event at the Country Club of Rochester so we got to use the Photo Booth backdrop that was already set up. Gotta take advantage of the freebies!


Major shoutout to St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Classical architecture makes for the most photogenic church! Everything from the altar to the stained glass is incredibly beautiful. Such a pleasure to be in a beautiful space like this.


The Chatterbox Club

The pianist's name was John Williams. He said he wasn't the Star Wars guy. Can never be too sure...

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